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Jett Powered Fitness Retreat in Moab, UT

Have you ever visited Moab, Utah? If not, put it on your bucket list! It is only 3 hours southeast of Salt Lake City and offers adventure and tranquility all at the same time. Moab, although small, is surrounded by geography of epic proportions. Arches National Park is only minutes away from city center and boasts some of the most incredible rock formations you've ever seen. You're also not too far away from Canyonlands, another spectacle for the eyes. The deep reddish-orange desert landscape that makes up Moab and surrounding areas can ignite your senses and replenish your soul. Not only can you find incredible hiking trails, but Moab is known for activities like mountain biking (for the ore experienced rider, try out the famous Slick Rock trail), rock-crawling with off-road vehicles, rock climbing, camping, river rafting, and so much more.

The latest Jett Powered Retreat in Moab was nothing short of epic! Here's a little taste of our adventure...

Day 1- Mountain Biking along the Moab Brand Trails- We had a total of 15 ladies on the retreat. Some had NEVER mountain biked before! Talk about stepping outside of their comfort zone. Most of the women needed to rent mountain bikes. We loved working with Poison Spider Bicycles. They were super professional and can accommodate large groups. Just make sure you reserve bikes in advance. Their busy season is from March until June and then again from September to the end of October. It definitely gets sizzling hot during the summer months. Once we had our mountain bikes and helmets, we rode a shuttle together up to the trails (which are about 10 minutes north of Moab).

At the trailhead, we met up with some fantastic instructors from Moab Mountain Bike Instruction.

They spent a good hour with us (in different ability groups) and left us all feeling confident to start our biking adventure.

Moab Brand Trails is a network of bike trails and offers something for everyone. These trails are the best to start on if you are a beginner rider, but even more advanced riders will enjoy biking "Rockin A" or "North 40". Our group spent about four hours riding the trails and then biked back into town! We definitely underestimated how long it would be (a total of 9-ish miles), but luckily most of it was downhill on a paved path.

Day 1...continued, a sunset Jeep tour with Dan Mick Guided Jeep Tours.

If you've never experienced Moab in a Jeep, this is a must! Crawling up the rocks (literally!) was definitely a highlight of our trip. Dan Mick Guided Tours is a very experienced company. Their drivers have been doing it for years and even created some of the trails that you ride on. We went on a trail called Hell's Revenge, probably the most popular off-roading trail in Moab. This trail isn't for the faint of heart. There are points where you literally have a sheer cliff on both sides of you. However, even though we were screaming at the top of our lungs with each steep descent, we felt completely safe with our guides. In total, we rented three Jeeps, which was perfect for our group. We were taken to an incredible lookout point where we watched a colorful sunset, took some pictures and ate strawberries and whipped cream...yummy!

Day 2- Hike to Arches National Park

This is a perfect destination hike that isn't too difficult. If you come to Moab, you have to visit the Delicate Arch. It's a 52-foot free-standing natural arch that is probably one of Utah's most popular features. The hike to Delicate Arch is about 3.1 miles round trip. You can expect to be hiking with a ton of other people since it's not too long, has amazing scenery, and is considered a moderate hike. This is a great hike to take your family on. The first mile is somewhat steep, but it levels out as you get close to the Arch. Try to go early in the morning to stay out of the heat (there isn't much shade) and make sure you take a lot of water.

For the Jett Powered Fitness Retreat, we hired a photographer to take pictures at the Delicate Arch. We are so glad that we did. These memories in such a beautiful place will last a lifetime!

Later that evening, we were blessed to attend a special Sound Bath Meditation. Have you heard of a sound bath before? If not, click here. This was such a unique experience that we were able to be a part of. Annette, a native of Moab, is a licensed musical therapist who specializes in Eastern Medicine and has traveled all over the world collecting unique instruments. She invited us to her home where she had yoga mats, pillows, and eye masks laid out for us. We spent two hours in deep meditation as she played a myriad of instruments and sang along. There were times where you could hear "whales" singing or "birds" chirping, even the crashing of waves or a heavy rainstorm. To describe it best, a sound bath feels like a massage for your brain. At the end of the sound bath, we wrote down personal intentions and burned them in a fire stove to release it into the universe. This was definitely a different experience, but one that we recommend trying out, especially if you have a larger group.

Jett Powered cannot wait to return to Moab! Want to join us? Be the first to know when the next retreats are. Sign up for our email list on our homepage!

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